Pershore Bowls Centre


"The Pershore Bowls Centre Success Story"

In 1992 Maurice and Jean Rogers became the custodians of one of the country's leading sporting resources when they took over the Pershore Bowls Centre, which was an offshoot of the Grays of Cambridge empire and manufacturer of the famous Concorde Bowl.

Maurice was for a number of years the foreman of the Grays manufacturing plant in Worcester and remained in the business of bowls manufacture when the bowls production element of Grays was taken over by the International player Bill Irish in 1991. Moving to Pershore from their Worcester shop Bill sadly had to retire in 1992, and it is at this point that Maurice and Jean took over the business as their own enterprise.

The Pershore Bowls Centre continues to supply the needs of the bowling fraternity, with a range of services to suit both the beginner and the expert bowler from a full range of clothing and bowls including a renovation and polishing service. Years of experience and acquired expertise are clearly demonstrated by the quality of service and Maurice and Jeans professional enthusiasm.

Maurice and Jean are keen recreational bowlers and are active in local bowling clubs. They are eager to share their knowledge and skill with customers, and well equipped to offer sound advice and help.

The Pershore Bowls Centre sponsor the local Concorde league for local clubs and are active in promoting bowling for the younger generation through involvement with local schools.

The Pershore Bowls Centre is also one of only a few registered testing stations , where testing and stamping is undertaken on site.

Maurice and Jean have , through their love of their sport and commitment to their skills, carried on the traditions and qualities from the foundations laid by Grays and Bill Irish.

The Pershore Bowls Centre has now moved to new premises on the same Pershore Trading Estate which amply house the Show Room, Testing and Renovation Workshop.

As of May 2019 Craig, Maurice and Jeans son has come back into the business to take over from Maurice. Maurice will be coming in but when he's not bowling or gardening.